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Alumifeira produces a wide range of typologies of windows and doors with energy efficiency, according to  the characteristics defined by the quality and the requirements of the market.

We are working with different aluminium extruders that exist in the market, and we have a wide variety of types of finishes and solutions for any kind of works, constructions and renovations, in order to satisfy the customer’s needs and what he imagines.

The aluminium is a convenient, long-term and economical solution and for this reason it is the most used material in residential and commercial buildings. We produce aluminium frames with and without thermal bridge break, and these differentiating elements are the main responsible for the thermal and acoustic insulation.

The assembly and calculation of frames with thermal glazing, solar and/or acoustic control, increase the energy efficiency, which reduces energy consumption and costs, and allows for greater comfort inside a home.

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In recent years, the demand for PVC frames has increased due to the constant improvement of the cuts used in the industry. PVC frames are particularly suitable for areas with more violent climate, such as those in the seaside or industrial areas.

We are working with PVC frames, of reference on the market, with double and triple glazing.

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Iron / Stainless steel

Steel constructions have always had an important place in modern construction, indeed, they allowed huge structural combinations because of the ease with which steel can be shaped. The flexibility of steel provides it to be used in many ways and can, therefore, meet the imagined requirements of a particular project.

We provide all the assistance and collaboration for the elaboration of projects in diverse types of steel and stainless steel, as well as customised finishes and differentiated products such as Corten steel.

We produce and install street gates, terrace covers, interior protection, indoor and outdoor stairways and other more complex structures. In the field of iron and stainless steel, the designs et combinations are vast and are always adapted to the customer’s needs.

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Ventilated façades

Alumifeira is a certified and licensed company in the processing and use of Trespa products.

Trespa offers versatile coatings for innovative and functional ventilation systems for façades, terraces, shutters and blinds. Trespa panels can be used by itself or by assembling them with other materials. Furthermore, there are perfect for creating unique effects, defining the appearance and highlighting the qualities of a building.

Available in a wide range of colors, fabrications, sizes and thicknesses, the ventilated façade provides attractive aesthetics and almost unlimited design possibilities for the latest generation in architectural coatings. The entire product range is backed by a 10-year limited warranty.

The closed surface of Trespa panels practically removes all the dust accumulation, keeping the product slick and easy to clean. In addition, the panels are highly resistant to scratches and impacts.

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The choice of glazing is one of the most important parts of the projects of frames manufacturing. Indeed, it can make all the difference in the essential accomplishment of each situation.

We are working with certified glasses from Saint-Gobain and Guardian Sun.

The options are immense and can be adapted to any situations, considering the factors of safety, energy, thermal, acoustic, solar control and comfort, while meeting the customer’s needs.

Single, double and triple glazing, laminated glass, tempered and special glasses with and without low-emission (Low-E glass) coating and with solar control. As a matter of fact, there are many possible combinations with the use of these glazings and glasses.


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Blinds / Sun breaker

Beyond being a safety element, blinds allow the control of light intensity and ventilation until they are completely closed. The installation of blinds provides thermal and acoustic benefits and can be controlled manually or by an electric motor.

We have numerous possibilities for thermal blinds in lacquered aluminium or PVC, for aluminium shutters, blackout roller blind, screen blinds and awnings.

Sun breaker are an effective and flexible form of solar control and brightness. Available in adjustable slats, it allows a greater control over solar radiation inside the buildings and provides a significant diminution in energy consumption.

The great advantages of Brisa Solar are the perfect adjustment of the light, the saving of the energy consumption, the best distribution of the natural light with the possibility of eliminating reflections, and all in a flexible, versatile and beautiful system.

They are the ideal solution for the protection and shading of the buildings façades as they reflect about 80% of the sun’s rays and adapt to the large openings that are a criterion of modern architecture.

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Most of our commercial market is located in Portugal, France, Switzerland and Mozambique. In recent years, Alumifeira has had to conduct works in other regions and accept challenges in other countries such as Belgium, Morocco, Angola, São Tomé and Príncipe and Guinea. From small renovation works, housings, commercial establishments to large companies, pavilions and public works, we have managed to face and respond to the challenges that have arisen so far while creating a good relationship of trust with our customers. 

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Alumifeira - Alumifeira Catalog PT

Alumifeira Catalog PT

Innovation and Quality: Innovate and the ability to offer you quality solutions and services are important and continuous criteria for the company. Our goal ? Offer to our customers advantages and satisfy their needs, which are constantly evolving and becoming increasingly demanding. Our company complies with the standards established by the European Union and has a large team of technicians and professionals from different areas of activity, who provide a quality service. 

Alumifeira - Alumifeira Catalog FR

Alumifeira Catalog FR

Alumifeira produces doors and windows according to the characteristics defined by the quality. In addition to the quality of human resources and modern equipments, we are prepared to work with the different aluminum extruders that exist with profiles of different acoustic, thermal, design and functionality characteristics. Indeed, Alumifeira is building a future of quality. 

Alumifeira - Abriô Catalog

Abriô Catalog

Standard, Leaned, Customised.

Advantages :

- Natural heating

- Extension of the bathing time

- Protection of the pool

- Safety and security

Alumifeira - Glass - Guardian Sun Catalog

Glass - Guardian Sun Catalog

SGG PLANITHERM is a variety of low-emissivity and high-performance glass. It is colorless glass on which is deposited a thin and transparent layer of metallic materials. SGG PLANITHERM gives to double glazing a very effective role: in cold weather, it greatly reduces heat loss by radiation through the glass.

Alumifeira - Glass - Saint Gobain Catalog

Glass - Saint Gobain Catalog

A new generation of glass for your home. In winter as well as in summer, Guardian Sun allows you to enjoy the light as an important energy saver.

Moreover, by combining it with our Lamiglass sound collection, you will obtain additional insulation against outside noises.




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